DR’s Appt

I had a well check today.   Brought the three kids with me due it to being a “snow day”.  That was fun explaining what exams they wanted to do with me.    Thank goodness, I just had my internal exam last August, so I didn’t have to have that exam.  I even shaved for the occasion though.  I am officially at 100 pounds!!  My next goal is to get under the 200 pound mark, and then after that I’ll be happy.   I would like to under my husband’s weight.. …  but my surgeon said that is unrealistic..LOL.   So my goal is to be between 150-175.   My realistic goal is just to be able to shop in regular stores.  I love you Lane Bryant, Avenues, and Torrid, but I want to shop everywhere!

The Dr took 3 vials of blood, so I’ll report back in a few days on how my blood sugar is doing.